DIY | Floral Tea Bags

Sunday, January 24

floral tea, diy, tea string

This project goes out to all my fellow tea drinkers, what's up y'all! I made these sweet, simple, and easy floral tea bags because...well, why not? As Valentine's Day approaches, I kind of grew a little tired of seeing the same pink and red hearts out there. I wanted to create a less cheesy way to give flowers to your special someone yet still show that you care. It's all about the little touch, people. Keep reading after the jump to learn how to make these love and spring inspired floral tea bags....

     PREP TIME: 5 minutes | CRAFT TIME: 5 minutes | DIFFICULTY: Easy

      Tea Bags
      Flowers (baby carnations; or plastic flowers)
      Tea cup / hot water

      1.  Take a tea bag and gently remove the brand's tag on the end
      2. Cut a small flower near its base and tie the tea bag string to the base of the flower
      3. Be sure to tie the flower about half-way down the string so it will hang well on a tea cup
      4. Trim off any excess string past the flower with scissors
      5. Pour hot water into a tea cup, place your floral tea bag in and seep for 2-5 minutes

Yes, it really is this easy! Imagine surprising your significant other with breakfast in bed on Valentine's day and this cup of tea with a flower dipped over is on the tray. So subtle yet special. Added bonus, depending on how fragrant the flower is, you can actually smell its scent with every sip. Classy. If you want to gift these to someone, you could also use plastic flowers instead of real ones. Place them into a nice package and it's sure to get their attention. Try it out and let me know how it goes!

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  1. Becca L2:38 PM

    Love this! I'm surprised how something so ridiculously simple can be so elegant!! You've done it again ;)

    1. Thanks Becca! I love the simple things! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. OMG! I was looking through recent followers on Pinterest and came upon your name...then was totally obsessed with your Pinterest...and now I'm even MORE obsessed with your blog. Your site is GORGEOUS and this project is completely brilliant. You have a new fan :) xoxo

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  4. Shirley Strothers5:40 AM

    So beautiful! I've read at review that hand-crafting is helpful for your nerves. And I guess it's even more useful to do a tea bag with a pretty flower with chamomile tea.

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  10. Anonymous8:22 PM

    That is so nice to look at! I'm a tea lover and I find that tea bags really cute and adorable. I would love to start a tea shop actually and I think I'll be able to use this idea to build the theme of the shop itself. A flower tea-shop sounds nice right? I'm sure it will be relaxing for the customers to see the flowers attached to the tea bags so that would be a really great idea. need help with my resume

  11. Such a beautiful floral tea bag DIY project. Too pretty for words.

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