DIY | Candy Dot Purse

Wednesday, September 23

Somebody say candy dots?! This DIY clutch is inspired not only by those color coated mounds of pure sugar, but also by this bag by designer. I saw it in a fashion post by CarrieC a couple weeks bag and fell in love. What else was I to do than try to make a spin-off? Here it is, quick, and easy!

What you'll need:
-solid color bag/purse/clutch
-semi-circle wooden dots
-strong glue


1. Color your wooden dots as desired using markers. You could also spray paint them, but given that I made these while on vacation, I didn't have the option. Using a marker means essentially no drying time, but also means a less than perfect color coating.

2. Align the dots on the bag as desired. Drop a dot of glue on the base of the wooden semi-circle and press onto the surface of the bag. Hold for at least 15-20 seconds, or until glue has dried enoughto keep the wooden circle secured. 

3. Continue gluing dots to your heart's content! Let the bag sit for an hour or two to ensure the glue dries thoroughly. Then, hit the town and buy some sweets to stuff it with! :)


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