DIY | Floral Coasters

Tuesday, February 23

There's nothing I love more than combining flowers with...well, just about anything. Now that spring is just around the corner, I'm going to go a little floral crazy over here. First up, these cute and fun floral drink coasters that are great for adding a little unexpected pop to your table next time you're hosting a get-together. They could also make great, handmade gifts for someone's housewarming party! Overall, they're colorful, simple, and easy...just the way I like it! Read more to learn how to make these floral delights... 

     PREP TIME: 5 minutes | CRAFT TIME: 15 minutes | DIFFICULTY: Easy

Small plastic flowers
Plain fabric coasters (I used these)
Permanent glue or hot glue gun

1. Start by cutting off the buds of the plastic flowers to the desired length. I generally left an inch or two of the stem so the flowers could curve around the coaster.
2. Decide how you want your flowers to be placed on the coaster. Keep them to the edges, as you want to leave enough room for the drinks!
3. Place glue when the flowers attach to the coaster and press down for 10-15 seconds, or until firmly set.
4. Continue to glue on flowers or leaves as you see fit. Don't hesitate to try out different designs!
5. It may be best to wait 1-2 hours after completing the coasters when the glue is completely dried and flowers are securely attached. Then, pop that champagne and call your friends over!

Did you pop the champagne yet? I told you these would be done in a hot minute! I hope they can brighten up your day or your next party. They would work great for differentiating drinks as each person can have a coaster with its own unique floral design. It's also a sure way to bring in some spring vibes if you're stuck in those winter blues. I drank a fresh cup of mango lemonade after making these floral coasters and I felt like I was transported to a tropical island. Of course, this effect is not guaranteed, but floral happiness will definitely occur. :)

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  1. So easy, so pretty. Love!

    1. Thanks dear! So glad to hear it, they make drinks so much more fun to enjoy! :)

  2. So so cute! Love the colors you chose :)

    1. Thanks a bunch, Gabriella! These are some of my favorite colors...and all the craft stores are piling up with spring flowers! It's like color heaven! :)

  3. I'm mad, crazy in love with your Instagram & Twitter. I left a note on Instagram for you; I must have a pink pay phone as its from the same era as my pink Kitty Kat Clock that has rolling eyes! Love, love & Love all of your posts. Now back to reading all of them! Love it!

  4. Opps, I meant blog but do you have a Twitter acct?

  5. Awesome DIY ideas. These floral coasters are looking fabulous. These can be perfect for table decoration in a floral wedding theme. xoxo...

  6. I amsure that every simple thing is genial and it's pretty easy to do it.

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