NEWS | Kipi + Oh Lou Collaboration!

Tuesday, April 28

I've got some exciting news for you all! A few months ago I met (via Instagram) the very talented Fisayo (@loveohlou) who is a student in Fashion Design and the owner/visionary behind the Oh Lou shop. Other than her skilled fashion drawings, she is largely known for her colorful, confetti filled (litterally) hair bows! Naturally, when she approached me about working together on a project, I couldn't help but say "yes!"

An important facet of her work is to connect her success to improving the community around her. She began the #SilverSpoonInitiative, which supports the Washington D.C. homeless population by providing a food bank with a non-perishable food item for every accessory purchased. Her clever motto, "Buy an accessory, give a necessity," sums it up perfectly. As some of you may or may not be aware, my entire introduction into creative work (sewing, DIY, photography, etc.) began similarly like Fisayo, with an interest in making something original and using that work to improve the lives of those around us. It is perhaps the best combination of self-motivation: to challenge yourself creatively and to believe creative solutions can have positive impacts in the world.

Alas, let's get to the meat of the story shall we?! The end result of our Kipi X Oh Lou collaboration is a set of three shoe clip bows - all of which have spunk, color, and sweetness! Drawing inspiration from some of the things I love most (pom poms, color-blocking, and desserts), we came up with some pretty fun designs I think many of you will love! Each set of bows cost $10 and, as I mentioned, every purchase buys a food item donation to the D.C. food bank. Check out Oh Lou's shop where you can buy some accessories, her website to learn more about her, and her Instagram for some daily confetti-filled inspiration!


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