DIY Project || #6 || Jewelry Wall Branch

Tuesday, January 8

diy jewelry wall branch hanger

Stray branch (don't harm the trees!)
Long, thin leaves or yarn
Thin hair ties
White push pins


STEP ONE: Carefully loop a long branch leaf (or yarn!) around the furthest stable ends of the branch.
STEP TWO: Grab the leaf edges together and slowly begin tying the thin hair tie as though it were a ponytail. Leave a little slack which will be used later to slip over the pushpin in the wall.

STEP THREE: The branch should look like this -- kind of like a large tear drop.
STEP FOUR: Then, press two push pins into the wall. It helps to put the branch up against the desired wall area and lightly mark the width of the branch with a pencil. I ended up placing the pins a few inches inside of the very edges.

STEP FIVE: Taking the little slack in the hair tie, loop it over the pushpins on the wall. 
STEP SIX: If necessary, readjust the pins of your wall to level out the branch so it is as straight as possible. Then, just begin draping your necklaces, hook your earrings, and hang your bracelets!


  1. Great idea! Did you have to change the leaves regularly?

    1. Hey Ann! What I've realized is that, yes, the leaves did die eventually and I got a bit tired of changing them. So I replaced the leave with yarn and that's what's holding it up -- try that instead if you'd like!

  2. Sasha1:38 AM

    This would be great for all my earrings :P

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