Food | London's Most Colorful Places to Eat, Part 1

Saturday, January 2

I absolutely love Brazil. I've travelled there twice, got engaged there, made great friends there, and I'm waiting for the day when I can return again. In the meantime, anything that can bring back such incredible memories of the vibrant and complex Brazilian culture is a win-win for me. When I travelled to London this past month, I sought out some of the most colorful places to eat. I'm happy to say that I was not disappointed one bit! I was especially surprised (aka...freaking out) to discover one of the most colorful buildings in the city is also a Brasilian Barbeque restaurant. Needless to say, it was a perfect match. Keep reading to see just how colorfully delicious this place is in every way!

To start, the outer facade of the Cabana restaurant in Islington is painted in pastel colored stripes swooping from top to bottom. That sold it for me. But then, I entered the building and bam! There's a bright yellow painted ceiling, a colorful patterned floor, vibrant neon colored signs, more pastel striped walls, and chairs made of out of mix-matched denim. Yes, it's that cool.

We were treated to a full meal, where the menu alone is colorful enough to start the drooling process. For drinks, I indulged in a Cabana Colada...a smooth blend of that classic coconut and pineapple combination with a nice hint of lime. For appetizers, we tried the Cheesy Baked Dough Balls (otherwise known as Pao de Queixo...a classic Brazilian street food), as well as the Cabana Coxinhas which are filled with spiced shredded chicken and come with a colorful spread of sauces to dip. For the main course, we watched as our waitress served us sizzling Malagueta Chicken meat on a skewer. There was so much of Brazil in this restaurant that I was instantly transported -- in taste, in color, in music, and in feeling. 

I hope you have a chance to check out this restaurant if you're in London or visiting soon because you're in for quite a hefty dose of flavorful Brazilian vibes. It's certainly one way to add some tasty color to your day, inside and out! 

Hope you enjoyed my first feature in my three-part series of "London's Most Colorful Places to Eat"! Let me know if you have any suggestions r if you've been here before! 


  1. So pretty! Gotta remember this one for future trip planning.

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