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Friday, April 3

Holy macaroni! I know it's been a while since I last posted but I promise it's for a good reason! I got married a couple weeks ago and had one of the best days of my life so far (more details and tips to come later!). It is crazy how much a single day can consume weeks and months of time for planning. Alas, I am back and in action! Got some new DIY projects coming for the spring season and working on some more community sharing posts. Speaking of which, Friday Faves will now feature the many incredibly talented, inspiring, and downright cool people I've admired, met, and connected with on Instagram. Seriously - that app is a brewing pot of daily awesomeness! 

To kick it off, today's Friday Faves will revolve around the world of "Colorful Canvases," inspired primarily by my gal Courtney (@myfriendcourt), who is an artist and art teacher in Atlanta. As if her feed were not colorful enough, prepare yourself for the beautiful connections she makes with those on Instagram through her #Makeyourmark challenges each month. Every day, people are challenged to doodle, draw, paint, or sketch a particular theme - from waves to circles and from clouds to colors. She's a burst of inspiration and an example of community loving at its finest!! Click to check out her instagram and blog!


The next four artists below also glue my eyes to the screen when I scroll through their feeds! 

TL:@theebouffants | TR: @nataliawrobelart
BL: @katefjury | BR: @artandsoulcreativeco 

1. Kendra Dandy (@theebouffants): This brilliant woman knows patterns like it's nobody's business! Through her print designs of lips, lipstick, shoes, dresses, fruits, and color galore you are immediately transported to a world where you wish everything came patterned...but seriously, wouldn't that be kind of awesome?

2. Natalia Wrobel Art (@nataliawrobelart): I've known this true beauty since my childhood days (we went to the same elementary and high schools!). She creates some of the most mesmerizing array of  colorful paintings I hope to one day be lucky enough to hang in my own home. She also has a studio space which essentially means she's the coolest person in Boston right now, just sayin'.

3. Laura Uy (@artandsoulcreativeco): This talented lady can take the most dangerous animals - bears, foxes, and lions - and turn them into the cutest furry creatures around! From her cards to art prints, you may find yourself wishing you could just snuggle with them and not look weird while doing so. That may be hard to accomplish though...sorry.

4. Katherine Jury (@katefjury): This dazzling painter can literally create the most beautiful messes you've seen, in all the best ways! I love her mixed color palettes, textures, and her serene outlook on life. She also includes many pictures of beaches, sand, and stones - which may just make you wish you were in her shoes (or lack thereof)...all the time.

Please check out these inspirational artists, follow along, and share your thoughts! Come back next friday for my next batch! Oh, you can also find me on Instagram too (@creativekipi)...happy weekend!


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