Wednesday, May 28

I think it might be too obvious that spring time influenced this DIY project! Grab those plastic bags (or make your own like I did) and add that extra pop with one thing most people have in their house...nail polish! Here's what you'll need if you're doing it from scratch: nail polish, gold chain, gold clasps, scissors, 1/4 yard of polyurethane material, and a needle & thread.

So let's get started, shall we? First start by cutting the polyurethane into a square, then folding it into a neat envelope shape. Once, set sew the edges together, trim the excess with scissors and attach the golden clasps to the front. Then, the fun part! I first dotted the bag with white nail polish and then painted floral leaves with quick brush strokes in various other colors.

Lastly, punch two holes in the top corners of the bag with a hole punch or with scissors, clip the golden chains through the holes, and voila!