DIY Project || #15 || Neon Duct Tape Ipad Case

Tuesday, March 12

This project is all inspired by NEON! I tend to be quite wary of neon colors. Little zests of it are somehow manageable for me, but I could never rock a neon tee or sneakers despite how much I wish I could. This project, which was previously featured for I Like Fall, otherwise satisfies my zest for neon in a unique way. The iPad case has become one of many Apple products that is perfect for any crafter. We all love making cases, especially after you spent so much money buying the piece of technology itself, why spend more when you can make it yourself! One reason why I love my case is, yes, it is economical, but mostly because I love these duct tape sheets I found while randomly wandering around Michael's. They were only about $1.99 each, so for less than $10 you can make this spunky baby and strut the streets (or the library for me) with a colorful companion in your hands. Hope you guys like it!

neon duct tape ipad case

neon duct tape ipad case


  1. Anonymous3:55 PM

    instead of using duct tape to close it you could try adhesive velcro dots

    1. Great idea! I didn't think about it beforehand, but I should definitely try that out. Thanks :)

  2. a very nice idea

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