Sunday, January 20

The sun is beyond just a beautiful thing. It's also a hated thing. Something, sometimes, so unwanted. We close the shades tighter, we bar our eyes with dark shaded rims, we moan its wake after the nights we never slept. We found out that it can even kill us. It burns our skin until it sheds, it melts our favorite ice creams and takes the water from things. It pushes us around -- back inside buildings, behind curtains, under cooling air vents and ceiling fans. It ruins snow days, it starts bush fires; everyday, it leaves half the world in darkness. Maybe this isn't about how us humans need the sun...just maybe, though, the sun needs us. Every morning it yearns to be impressive. It labors tirelessly at landscape painting. It leans in too close -- tries to peer into our world, how we work, what we do. It probably feels as though we pay it too little attention. 

Dear attention-seeking, massive globe:

I see you.