Friday, January 18

I'm loving my new friday faves design -- go circles! I was inspired by the visuals on Pugly Pixel, her blog is truly beautiful and incredibly resourceful. Alas, even though it's the dead of winter now in Boston, the fact that I see wonderful California sunshine every day while on break inspires me to find the subtle perks in life. That's usually manifested in afternoon naps, guitar playing, sunset walks in the backyard, and Nutella croissants. Yet, if I had to manifest such subtle joy in my clothes -- these would be my picks. They all have that quiet bang I love!

1. L'Epicier Leather Bag - $95 - from American Apparel 
2. Geodesic Collar necklace - $20 - from NastyGal
3. The Ankle Strap Mini Wedge - $118 - from Madewell
4. Unisex Wool Peacoat - $184 - from American Apparel
5. Know a Trick or Two Tights - $25 - from Modcloth


  1. Anonymous2:45 AM

    I love how you designed the images into circles, so creative! :)

    1. oops, sorry, it showed up anonymous. This is Niya!

  2. grace3:22 PM

    Love that necklace! I was looking for one like that

  3. Laney2:20 PM

    this is beautifulllllllllllllllllllll teach me photoshop pleeeeease!!


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