DIY Project || #8 || Chain Purse from Pencil Case

Tuesday, January 22

DIY from pencil case to chain purse

Clear pencil case (from Staples)
Golden chain with clasps

DIY from pencil case to chain purseINSTRUCTIONS
DIY from pencil case to chain purseSTEP ONE: Using scissors or a hole punch, snip a small hole onto the back inside of the pouch near the right end (where the zip line hits when completely opened).
STEP TWO: The chain I used comes from another purse I have, so it was easy to slide the clasps into the newly made hole on the pencil case. If you have a similar type of chain, I'd suggest that. If not, craft stores like Michael's and Joann's have chains and clasps you can purchase and easily put together.

DIY from pencil case to chain purse
STEP THREE: Repeat steps #1 and #2 on the left hand side, this time making a slit on the inside bend on the left side of the pouch.


DIY from pencil case to chain purse


  1. Bianca5:21 PM

    so creative! love it!!!

  2. Anonymous9:59 AM

    This looks so trendy! :)

  3. Love this one too.

  4. I'm so in LOVE with your simple ideas and photography!


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