Thursday, January 24

I was approached by a few of my fellow classmates to help with designing some marketing materials for the Senior Class Winter Swag Sale. They were inspired by this image, and wanted to recreate magazine-like style fashion recommendations for certain activities based off the clothing items. Below are some examples for three of the seven products I designed images for. If you're a Harvard senior and want to load up on some gear, click here to order up! Additionally, if you're in need of design work, shoot me an email at

The image above is for the class Harvard sweatshirt; below is for the 2013 coffee mug:

This third ad is for the women's patagonia fleece -- definitely on my list to buy! 

Altogether, I really enjoyed this project! It was kind of fun trying to find quirky, down-to-earth, and class-wide friendly recommendations to wear/do with these items. I look forward to working with the committee in the future on other projects, there may even be some DIY collaborations -- keep tuned!