Sunday, December 30



STEP ONE: Using a campagne class bottom, trace a circle onto the colored paper using a pen
STEP TWO: Cut out the circles. 
STEP THREE: Decide which area you want sprinkled and begin applying double-stick tape in straight lines until the area is fully covered. STEP FOUR: Cut the excess tape that hangs off the edges for a flawless look.

STEP FIVE: Lightly sprinkle the area -- make sure to cover every bit, it's okay to go a bit overboard (remember Kindergarden?)
STEP SIX: Press the sprinkles into the tape so they stick then tap off the extras. Add various colors or try different designs!


  1. Anonymous9:44 PM

    love it!!

  2. Brianna1:38 PM

    I wish i did this...i'll bookmark for 2014!

  3. Carey and Breeeee1:50 AM

    Marjorie, why are you so creative and cool and awesome????

  4. GREAT IDEA!!!

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